Monday, May 2, 2011

Brand New

More beautiful signs of spring! Despite the rainy weather there was something to smile about on my daily walk around the pond. Brand new baby geese! These little puff balls are only about 24 hours old. I did not see them the day before so they are just freshly hatched. People may find geese annoying but I find them intriguing.

If only human parents would take a few tips from these feathered friends. Mom and dad stick together and parent together. They protect their children from any potential harm, they keep them warm and safe, and they set an example for their children to learn and live by. I find it absolutely beautiful.

In One Week's Time

Last week was week 33. It seemed like overnight my belly doubled in size and that The Bean had a growth spurt. I mean I definitely felt pregnant in the previous weeks but last week I really felt pregnant - one of those oh so that's what everyone is talking about moments. I am grateful that up until now I haven't struggled every time I had to bend to pick something up, wasn't having issues putting on my shoes, didn't have to take a moment to concentrate when I was trying to get up from my seat, etc. We are into week 34 now. Six more weeks to go if The Bean decides to stay in there the whole time (please do little one, you need to stay brewing!). Here are Week 32 and Week 33 pictures.

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