Wednesday, March 30, 2011

28 Weeks

Hello Third Trimester! It's crazy to think we are this far along already. Everything has been going by so fast. This is probably because of the fact I am being kept very busy with my student teaching but I definitely cannot complain about this pregnancy dragging along at all.

Things I am enjoying at 28 Weeks:
* Naps
* Sweet tea
* Salt and Vinegar Chips
* Water. Lots and lots of water
* Weekly prenatal yoga sessions
* Feeling The Bean moving around (a lot)
* Browsing through baby websites
*Registry stalking

Things I am not enjoying at 28 weeks:
* Finding a comfortable (aka not painful) way to sleep
* Sore feet
* Swollen hands
* Feeling The Bean kicking me in the bladder
* Not fitting into certain clothes anymore (including my winter jacket)
* Foods that increase heartburn

(NOTE: This post was supposed to go up almost two weeks ago -oops-)

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